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In the village: Simple place next to the football field (La chevauchée is being rebuilt)

Gourmet meals within 20 minutes

Maison Wenger in Le Noirmont (lost their Michelin stars when the new crew took over - still excellent) Fr. 250 p.p. link, Tel 032 957 66 33

Taillard in Goumois (French side) below Fr. 100 p.P. link, Tel +33 3 81 44 20 75

Du Cerf in Sanceboz (one Michelin star), Tel 032 488 33 22

Château de Pleujouse,, Tel 032 462 10 80

Closest: Chez Sémon au Paradis in Le Prédame. Only by reservation, one menu only (mention dietary restrictions at reservation), at least 4 people. All-in menu Fr. 80 p.p. if you arrive in separate cars.  10% rebate if you share a car or walk (one hour from the house). Quirky!, Tel 032 484 0084

More 'pedestrian' recommendations within 20 minutes

Hôtel Restaurant de la Clef - Les Reusilles,, Tel 032 487 4980

Couleur du terroir in Montfaucon, very bio, very tasty, also a shop. You can drive there directly through La Combe., Tel 032 955 11 03

Restaurant Buffet de la gare in La Combe. Gorgeous location. Simple food and somewhat unreliable opening times. Tel. 032 484 9451

Auberge de la Couronne next to the Etang de la Gruère. Pretty location, great little walk around the neighboring mystical lake. Food is good. Tel 032 951 1115

Komachi in Delémont, T 032 423 00 53, Homestyle Japanese food. Tiny, so make a reservation Tel 032 423 0053

Bakery Parrat in Saignelégier. Nice quiches and fruit tarts. Stock up on seasonal jams. Tel 032 951 1186

Restaurant of the Sport center in Saignelégier. Overlooking the indoor pool. Ugly restaurant, but the food is good.




Chez Sémon

Chez Sémon

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