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Roof windows / Dachfenster Lets the hot air escape 

Fenster 1 = above the kitchen. No problem if you forget to shut them, they automatically shut with rain or strong wind.

Coffee / Kaffee

Coffee grind time is pre-set, but can be interrupted by pressing again. The amount of water is pre-programmed (or reprogrammed by first pressing the program button). An alternative insert is inside the coffee machine in the hidden drawer behind the drip tray.

If the oven does not turn on, it thinks it is being programmed. press the small button next to the clock until ithe red light goes on

Milk Foam / Milchschaum

Less cleaning for Cappuccino: We make milk foam in the little machine to the right - one button, the milk container can go in the dishwasher.


Three buttons pushed sequentially. Tabs and if necessary shine liquid (Spülglanz) and salt (Salz) are next to and above the garbage in the compartment below the sink. Refills are in the cellar.

Washing machine

We always add a little "Calgon" to  laundry to soften the water. Check that the machine is standing straight on the black mat (it has wiggled off in the past).


The key hangs on the inside of the front door. The key opens the letter portion of the mailbox. To open the package door, push down the metal rod located inside the letter portion of the mailbox. If you press that rod down while closing the door, the mailman can open the package door. Once the door is then closed, it is locked.


Only works if you put in more than 1kg and less than 7kg. Empty the lint catcher after each use to keep it running smoothly.

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